Stepping Up to the Plate:

Junior Golfers Join the Fight Against Covid-19

JGTA Team Media | March 27, 2020

Exemplary stars from the Junior Golf Tour of Asia have stepped up to the plate in a time of need to launch relief campaigns as we link together in the fight against Covid-19.

JGTA competitors Yu Wen Lu (2021) of Shanghai, China, Eddie Zhang (2022) of Shanghai, China, Markus Lam (2023) of China, Hong Kong SAR, and Xuan Luo (2021) of Guangzhou, China, Hoi Ki Lau (2022) of China, Hong Kong SAR, Ryan Kai Nam Leung (2022) of China, Hong Kong SAR, Justin Sun (2022) of Shenzhen, China, Maurice Leung (2022) of China, Hong Kong SAR, Charlene Chung (2023) of China, Hong Kong SAR and more are raising money and awareness for Direct Relief, a humanitarian aid organization in more than 80 countries, through the AJGA’s Leadership Links program.

Direct Relief provides personal protective equipment to healthcare workers, makes ICU medication and equipment more accessible, and provides staffing and support to overwhelmed facilities.

More than 46 juniors from the AJGA are participating in relief campaigns and have raised over $8000. These juniors have shown their compassion and dedication to the well-being of the world, and should be honored for their efforts.

“I started this donation because I wanted to help out in a crisis like this,” Lu said. “There is a supply shock as factories are shut down as mandated by the government. The best way I knew how to help was to directly donate money to get more supplies.”

-Yu Wen Lu

Charlene Chung pushing her bag at The Southern Junior, one of the many juniors from the JGTA leading the charge in the fight against covid-19

How You Can Help in the Fight Against Covid-19

For Juniors looking to start their own campaign through AJGA’s Leadership Links, email Beth Dockter ( to get started. A personalized website and marketing materials will be created to support fundraising goals.

Can’t Find the Campaign you’re looking for? Visit the AJGA’s Leadership Links Page and “Search a Junior”.

Every Donation Makes a Difference

Junior’s efforts in this unique time will not go unnoticed. Every donation towards the cause counts, and a joint effort from the Junior Golf community globally can help the cause immensely. We encourage all to participate in these campaigns. Let’s be the change that we need.

For more information about these efforts, visit the AJGA.