College Golf Achievements from the JGTA

Recognizing junior golfers from the JGTA for having achieved college golf success

The JGTA congratulates all our accomplished junior members who have succeeded in earning college commitments.

Each season, junior members of the JGTA continue to advance their junior golf ranking and status in the American Junior Golf Association, in pursuit of their college golf aspirations. For this reason, the number of college commitments from the JGTA continue to rise each season.

This process of building AJGA PBE Status on the Junior Golf Tour of Asia is described in more detail in this article on the JGTA effect.

Yu Wen Lu Swing All-Asia 2020
Yu Wen Lu (2021)
Shanghai, China

Stanford University
College Commitments of Junyi Daniel Tang (2021) to USC
Junyi Tang (2021)
Beijing, China

University of Southern California (USC)
College Commitment of Chloe Chan (2021) to Wisconsin University
Chloe Chan (2021)
China, Hong Kong SAR

University of Wisconsin
College Commitments Kuangyu Tony Chen (2021) to University of California, Berkeley
Kuangyu (Tony) Chen (2021)
Shenzhen, China (Australia)

University of California, Berkeley
College Commitments of Jiamen Ni (2021) to University of Callifornia, Berkeley
Jiamen (Jana) Ni (2021)
Beijing, China

University of California, Berkeley
College Commitments Virginie Ding (2020)
Virginie Ding (2020)
China, Hong Kong SAR

Vanderbilt University
College Commitments Kentaro Nanayama (2021) to Purdue University
Kentaro Nanayama (2021)
Jakarta, Indonesia

Purdue University
College Commitment of Camille Boyd to the University of Washington
Camille Boyd (2020)
Yorba Linda, Calif., USA

University of Washington
College Commitments Deng Jingfan (2020) to UW
Jingfan Deng (2020)
Shanghai, China

University of Washington
College Commitments Ieong Sin Kuan (2020) to BU
Ieong Sin Kuan (2020)
China, Macau SAR

Boston University
College Commitment of Irene Wang (2020) to Emory University
Irene Wang (2020)
Beijing, China  

Emory University
College Commitments 2019 Bhitchayoot Sima Aree to University of Missouri
Bhitchayoot Sima-Aree (2019)
Nonthaburi, Thailand

Marquette University
College Commitments 2019 Clearwater Bay Golf and Country Club
Selina Li (2019)
China, Hong Kong SAR

University of Pennsylvania
College Commitments 2020 Clearwater Bay Golf and Country Club
Weilun Song (2020)
Harbin, China

University of Oregon
College Commitments 2019 to Columbia University Golf
Annie Sun (2019)
Beijing, China (Canada)

Columbia University
College Commitments 2019 Conor Kelly to Seattle University
Conor Kelly (2019)
Bangkok, Thailand

Seattle University
College Commitments 2020 Nga Wun Tiffany Wu to New York University
Nga Wun Tiffany Wu (2020)
China, Hong Kong SAR 

New York University 
College Commitments 2019 Yu-Ta Tsai to Univeristy of Missouri
Yu-Ta Tsai (2019)
Taipei, Chinese Taipei 

University of Missouri 
College Commitments 2020 Mariel Isabella Tee to University at Albany
Mariel Isabella Tee (2020)
Pasig City, Philippines 

University at Albany 
College Commitments 2020 Estelle Verny to Delaware State University
Estelle Verny (2020)
Bangkok, Thailand 

Delaware State University 
College Commitment of Jiayang Lu (2020) to William & Mary
Jiayang Lu (2020)
Chengdu, China 

William & Mary  
College Commitments 2019 Wen Qi Zhu to University of Richmond
Wen Qi Zhu (2019)
Shanghai, China

University of Richmond 
College Commitment of Ke-Ai Liu (2020) to Northern Illinois University
Ke-Ai Liu (2020)
New Taipei City, Chinese Taipei

Northern Illinois University
College Commitment of Louis Chen (2018) to Winthrop University
Louis Chen (2018)
Shenzhen, China 

Winthrop University 
College Commitment of Nithipol Tuangthong (2019) to Notre Dame College
Nithipol Tuangthong (2019)
Bangkok, Thailand

Notre Dame College
College Commitment of Smonporn Santadusit (2019) to Ball State University
Smonporn Santadusit (2019)
Bangkok, Thailand

Ball State University 
College Commitment of Joy Yang (2018) to Wellesley College
Joy Yang (2018)
Laguna Niguel, Calif., USA

Wellesley College 
College Commitment of Rongjie Hua (2019) (2019) to Hamilton College
Rongjie Hua (2019)
Shanghai, China 

Hamilton College  
College Commitment of Vinod Weerasinghe (2019) to Christian Brothers University
Vinod Weerasinghe (2019)
Colombo, Sri Lanka

Christian Brothers University  
College Commitment of Vanisha Gunaseelan to North Dakota State University
Vanisha Gunaseelan (2019)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

North Dakota State University
College Commitment of Steffi Chern (2020) to Carnegie Mellon
Steffi Chern (2020)
Hsinchu City, Chinese Taipei

Carnegie Mellon University 
College Commitments Tanyatorn Thalangkarn (2020) to Southern Utah
Tanyatorn Thalangkarn (2020)
Chiang Mai, Thailand

Southern Utah University
College Commitments Yue Yin Ho (2018) to Oregon
Yin Ho Yue (2018)
China, Hong Kong SAR

University of Oregon