Who We Are

The JGTA is the sanctioning body for American Junior Golf Association (AJGA) Performance Based Entry (PBE) Status in the Asia-Pacific.

With its headquarters in Singapore, the JGTA was founded in 2017 to support young golfers in Asia pursue their ambitions of achieving success in the AJGA and earning a college golf scholarship.

What We Do

The JGTA organizes and sanctions and official schedule of junior golf tournaments across the Asia-Pacific that together make up the Tour’s official schedule of events.  These tournaments provide junior golfers opportunities to hone their talent in golf competition of the highest calibre during the AJGA off-season, while competing for AJGA PBE Status alongside other college golf hopefuls from across the region who share similar aspirations for greatness.

JGTA tournaments are ranked on the JGTA Junior Order of Merit, the Tour’s official ranking system, and the source for AJGA PBE Status in the Asia-Pacific. Players earn Merit Points from their performance in JGTA events to improve their standing on the Junior Order of Merit.  Each JGTA season normally begins and ends in the spring, after which the top-30 boys and top-30 girls on the Junior Order of Merit are awarded AJGA PBE Status according to their final ranking.

The mission of the JGTA is to develop junior golfers into successful Collegiate athletes and future champions of the game.

Our Objectives:

  • Prepare junior golfers for success in the AJGA and college golf
  • Promote the development of strong core values in young men and women
  • Grow the game of golf by encouraging junior golf participation

Impact Of Our Work

Prior to the JGTA, the only option available to junior golf families in pursuit of AJGA PBE Stats involved traveling to events the United States. For international families flying half-way around the world, this is a costly endeavor that can add up to missed school and work.

Today,  junior golf families have opportunities to build their AJGA PBE Status in Junior Golf Tour of Asia events conducted across the Asia-Pacific. As a result, junior golfers living in Asia can continue to pursue their ambitions for college golf during the AJGA off-season, and on a more even playing-field as their counterparts in the U.S.

Five Pillars of the JGTA Experience

Five areas of focus for member experience

JGTA Pillars

Core Beliefs

Young men and women will achieve their fullest potential by harnessing their athletic talent with a college education. Because of this experience, student-athletes will have greater opportunities to participate in and contribute to all aspects of life.

The American Junior Golf Association (AJGA) is the world’s gold standard of junior golf, representing an unparalleled path to college and professional golf success.

Competitive entry principals of the AJGA are central to the advancement of the next generation of prominent golfers. To ensure the most competitive tournament fields at all times, the JGTA strictly adheres to these competitive entry principles and the highest standards of Performance Based Entry.