Please recheck your schedule to ensure you are available to play prior to submitting an application for an event. Always refer to the Application/Withdrawal Deadlines on the tournament’s microsite to see exact dates and schedule accordingly.

Application Cancellation Guidelines

The Application Deadline is also the Application Withdrawal Deadline.

  • Players may withdraw from any tournament before the Application/Withdrawal Deadline in their Player HQ (All cancellations must be submitted via the members Player HQ).
  • There is no need to withdraw an application if you want to remain an alternate should you not get accepted to the initial field
  • A player who fails to withdrawal their application prior to the Application/Withdrawal Deadline ORa player does not pay the tournament fee by the Tournament Payment Due Date, a late withdrawal fee, payable in the members Player Account, will be assessed.
  • A member may not apply to future JGTA events until the late fee is paid.

Note: Should a player wish to appeal this fine, it must be appealed to the Tour Committee in writing.

Withdrawal Refund Procedures

Refunds will NOT be granted for cancellations and withdrawals after the tournament registration deadline. All cancellations are subject to a cancellation fee.

Note: If the withdrawal is due to a medical situation, players may send the proper documentation to Player Services ( It is up to the JGTA Committee to determine if the medical situation warrants a refund, credit, or neither.

No Shows/No Cards

It is the responsibility of the participant to notify the JGTA when cancelling out of a tournament. Any member unable to participate on the day of the tournament who has not previously cancelled will be considered a “No Show.”

Disqualifications under the Rules of Golf include but are not limited to:

  • Juniors leaving the golf course or city in which the event is conducted during the competition without proper withdrawal;
  • Failing to appear for rounds of an event;

Disqualification penalties because of intent or a deliberate decision by the player will be listed as DQ Rule 5.3a(NS) or Rule 3.3b(2)(NC) and printed next to the junior’s name in the results. The junior’s membership will be suspended, and he or she will not be eligible for postseason honors. If a junior has previously been accepted into a future JGTA tournament(s), they will be withdrawn immediately.