Preface to the Code of Conduct Policy

The JGTA takes great pride in the quality and conduct of its players, host facilities, and sponsors. The JGTA requires all JGTA members, parents and spectators to adhere to a set of guidelines known as the Code of Conduct. The purpose is to help all members grow and mature by understanding and accepting the consequences of their actions, both on and off the golf course.

Player Guidelines & Penalty Structure

Before, during, or after the operation of a JGTA tournament, violations of the Player Code of Conduct include, but are not limited to:

  • Displaying disrespect to fellow competitors, volunteers, JGTA staff, host facility staff, or other persons conducting, participating in, hosting or attending a JGTA tournament;
  • Cause physical damage to, or loss of, property or equipment of any of the parties set forth above, or of the host facility;
  • Obscene language;
  • Abuse of the golf course;
  • Club throwing;
  • Littering on the golf course;
  • Public urination;
  • Use of smoking or chewing tobacco products, drugs or alcohol;
  • Not adhering to the dress code;
  • Cheating;
  • Bullying;
  • Any other conduct deemed unbecoming of a JGTA member

The JGTA Committee may assess any or all of the following penalties based on the severity of the Players Code of Conduct violation:

  • Issue a verbal or written letter of warning;
  • Enforce a two-stroke penalty;
  • Disqualify the player from the tournament where the violation occurs;
  • Suspend the player for a portion of the tournament series or any number of tournament series remaining in the year;
  • Suspend the player’s membership indefinitely
Parent/Guardian Guidelines & Penalty Structure

The JGTA encourages spectators and parents to attend JGTA events, and requires spectators and parents attending to conduct themselves appropriately at all times.

Violations of the Parent/Guardian Code of Conduct include, but are not limited to the following before, during, or after the operation of a JGTA tournament:

  • Spectators and parents must adhere to the same Dress Code and Code of Conduct laid forth for the members of JGTA;
  • Spectators and parents are encouraged to help players in a ball search to help pace of play;
  • We require spectators and parents to remain a reasonable distance from players throughout the round;
  • Spectators are required to stay on the cart path. A minimum distance of 15 feet is required if there is no cart path;
  • Spectators and parents should not interfere with any group advancing from behind, nor should they converse with any competitor besides from encouragement and congratulatory comments;
  • The tournament director will note whether shuttling will be allowed between certain holes on the day of the event;
  • Continued interaction with competitors in ways other than stated above will be considered the giving of Advice (Rule 10.2a) and may result in penalty and/or disqualification;

Any violation of one or more items in the Player/Guardian Code of Conduct is grounds for immediate removal of the parent, guardian, or spectator and/or the player from the tournament and host facility. This may result in the loss of the privilege to participate in JGTA sanctioned events for the parent, guardian, or spectator and/or player indefinitely.

Dress Code & Host Venue Policy

Appropriate golf attire is required at all junior golf events and programs. If juniors are not dressed in appropriate attire, they will be asked to change clothes. Appropriate attire for players includes the following:

  • Boys – Collared shirts with sleeves, hemmed shorts, golf slacks, golf or tennis shoes with socks.
  • Girls – Collared shirts with or without sleeves, hemmed shorts, skorts, golf slacks, golf or tennis shoes with socks.
  • Inappropriate Attire – Tank tops, t-shirts, short shorts, cut-offs, swimsuits, blue jeans, slacks or shorts with holes, cleated, open-toe or sandal shoes, clothing bearing offensive slogans, language or pictures.

Each facility may have additional rules and dress code requirements. It is the responsibility of the parent(s)/guardian(s) and participant to be aware of such policies and adhere to them. The JGTA will abide by all rules and regulations set forth by a host facility.

Based on severity and frequency of the Dress Code Policy violation(s), the JGTA will assess the appropriate penalty.