The Southern Junior presented by Tradewinds Furnishing

Up next on the JGTA’s annual schedule is The Southern Junior presented by Tradewinds Furnishing, taking place at Foshan Golf Club in the South China city of Foshan. The Southern Junior is the first JGTA tournament to be held in mainland China – a historic turning point in the landscape of junior golf in Asia. But why the name The Southern Junior?

The name of the event was chosen to express tradition and strength. Tradition formed around a long-standing event at Foshan Golf Club and shared with some of the strongest competition the Asia-Pacific has to offer. The name is more than just a tournament title.

The Southern Junior presented by Tradewinds Furnishing will become a marquee event on the JGTA schedule and champions of this year’s rendition will forever be known as the first juniors to win on the JGTA in mainland China.