The Change Heard Around the World - the PGA Tour Drafting Program

Landscape altering golf news has emerged, and it will directly affect junior golfers’ aspirations and dreams globally. According to a Golfweek report, the PGA Tour is developing a program that gives top-rank college players a direct pipeline to the PGA Tour and its various smaller counterpart tours through a Tour Drafting Program.

While the exact details of how this program will work have yet to be announced and set in stone, the PGA Tour Drafting Program will encourage junior golfers looking to go pro to not only secure a spot in a college golf program but to stay in college and get a good education.

So, what does this mean for junior golfers globally? Just as the AJGA is the pathway to college golf, college golf will be the pathway to professional golf. The importance of competing and playing well in AJGA events, JGTA events, and additional AJGA Status recognized events to get recruited to play college golf has just gone up tenfold.

The future is bright.