📰 – Story Updated May 4, 2020

Becoming Eligible for the NCAA

The NCAA Eligibility Center is a space where athletes create a certification account (for those pursuing Division I or II) or a profile (for those pursuing Division III or are unsure of which division) to certify that they are eligible to compete in the NCAA. This is an essential step for JGTA Members. A certification account must be completed before a player can make official visits to campuses and before players sign a National Letter of Intent.

Students must submit a valid student email, basic personal information, basic student education history, participation history, and make a payment to the NCAA to complete an application for a certification account.

The NCAA requires academic standards that consider standardized test scores, GPA, core courses taken in high school, and the grades earned in those core courses. These requirements may differ from the unique entry requirements of colleges, which may be more strict.

To access the NCAA Eligibility Center – Visit the official website here.