Covid-19 Impact On Junior Golfers

With the world coming to a halt amongst Covid-19, junior golfers everywhere have shifted their focus and fun. Instead of the first tee, it’s the living room, and instead of the narrow fairway on hole 4, it’s the hallway from the kitchen to the garage, all because of Covid-19’s impact on junior golfers. Junior golfers, like most athletes at this time, have had to shift their daily life at school and on the course to their homes, providing unique challenges, entertainment, and time to prepare for getting back out there. Junior golfers from the JGTA and AJGA have also shifted their focus towards raising funds for relief of Covid-19. 

At Home Trickshots

With routines being shaken up and juniors not having access to courses in most of the world, some of that competitive fire has transferred to at-home golf trickshots. Over the banister and into the cup, down the stairs and into the hole, the possibilities for creativity are endless.

At Home Practice

Drills have shifted from the range to the backyard, with many players maintaining a practice schedule and even remote instruction from their coaches.

Time to Prepare

Juniors are using their time at home to get geared up for when the playing field opens. From re-evaluating equipment, to working on their physical health and mental toughness, this is the opportune time to “reset” your competitive self.