Miaoli County, Taiwan

The main attraction in Miaoli County, Taiwan is Shitoushan or Lion’s Head Mountain. This isn’t one of the oldest temples on the island, but it is said to be very nice, and an interesting place to spend some restful days and nights.

Located between Hsinchu and Taichung counties, Miaoli is one of the best travel and vacation spots in western Taiwan. The county attracts over 6.5 million local and international tourism visitors every year with the help of its pleasing climate, convenient transportation, and six major attractions: the tung blossoms, wood sculpture, hot springs, fruit, ceramics, and Hakka food. Visitors will want to arrange a three-day stay to take it all in.

Each year in April and May, Miaoli turns into a beautiful sea of tung blossoms. These snow-white blooms blanket entire mountainsides and reflect the tranquility of the county lakes. Every year they attract throngs of visitors with their seasonal cheer, much like the cherry blossoms in Japan.

There are five major tourism areas in Miaoli, including the Sanyi Wood Sculpture and Old Mountain Line Tourism Area, Dahu Strawberry Culture Park, Taian Hot Spring Scenic Area, Mingde Reservoir Scenic Area, and Nanzhuang Lion’s Head Mountain Scenic Area. At all of these sites, visitors can also enjoy the local Hakka cuisine, aboriginal culture, recreational farms, coastal recreation, and festival activities.